6 Bathroom Trends with Timeless Appeal

Your bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home. Adding the right bath design can help increase your home’s value. Perhaps you are ready to upgrade your bathroom but are unsure which path to choose.

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Here’s a look at some popular bathroom design trends.

  1. Café Curtains - Café curtains are a great option if you want to maintain privacy while also letting natural light into your home. Café curtains take up half of the window space. Enhanced technology means that these curtains are now sleek and sheer: a sharp contrast to historic eras. Café curtains are most compatible with neutral colors.
  2. Gallery Walls - Gallery walls are an emerging bath trend. Gallery walls are mostly compatible with small bathrooms. They help fill in space.
  3. Mosaic Flooring - Mosaic flooring creates unique visuals. Some of the common themes include the ocean, forest, and curved patterns.
  4. Odd Mirrors - Odd mirrors are popular bath designs for modern homes. Focus on organic shapes. Many homeowners enjoy installing artwork.
  5. Textured Tiles - These unique tiles add a cool dimension to bathrooms. Most homeowners install it on shower stalls.
  6. Curved Showers - Installed curved showers are both projects but add value. This is recommended if you enjoy intimate showers.

These are some of the top bath design trends currently on the market. With any renovation, make sure you work with a great contractor to help maximize your ROI. Have fun renovating!