7 Tips Before You Rent a Portable Restroom

Perhaps you are thinking about a luxury porta potty rental for your next project. There are several benefits to have a porta potty on hand. Here's a closer look.

  1. How Many to Order? - Studies show that most people use the restroom every five hours or so. If you're working on a large project with a lot of staff, it's best to purchase at least three porta potty rentals to make things comfortable for everyone.

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  2. Size - Most luxury porta potty rentals are between 55 and 65 inches wide.
  3. Hygiene - Installing hand sanitizer in each porta potty is recommended to help prevent the spread of germs and other harmful bacteria.
  4. Safety - Many porta potty rentals have a spot for locks that helps prevent unwanted guests from using them. This also helps keep things safe on the premises
  5. Lights - Installing lights inside and around the porta potty is important if you are working on a project site after hours. Many luxury porta potty rentals have enhanced roof shades that harness light.
  6. Insurance - If your project site is a highly populated area, purchasing small insurance on the rental is a good idea. This protects you if the potty is damaged or vandalized. Staking the unit is also recommended.

It's recommended that you clean the potty every day if you're working on a long project. This helps prevent the spread of bacteria by ensuring that the potty is fresh and clean for use each day. Use these tips to help keep things comfortable on your project!