3 Tips Before Your Child Receives Dental Treatment

Many children fear hospitals and a visit to the dentist isn't an exception. They think dental care is solely about removing teeth painfully. However, you can make your child feel comfortable and safe during the hospital visit by preparing them psychologically for the experience. This video teaches you how to prepare your child before general anesthesia for children's dental care.

The first thing to do is spend time with your child a day before the procedure. You could explain to them in child-friendly terms why the visit to the dentist is important.

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Instilling a positive attitude towards oral care will make them less anxious during the visit.

Essentially, you should keep your child on an empty stomach six hours before general anesthesia to prevent nausea. You are encouraged to give clear fluids to your child two hours before the surgery. Clear fluids include water, clear fruit juices, and clear electrolyte-replenishing drinks.

Also, assess your child's health before dental treatment. If they are experiencing symptoms such as fever, cold, or other illness, contact a childrens dental office to reschedule. Also, dress them in loose-fitting clothes that are easier for dental hygienists to remove. Remember these tips to ensure your child has a pleasant dental visit!