Your Guide to Gutter Repair

In this video, Tommy and his team visited a customer having serious gutter issues. It turns out the gutters were hung way too high and had a crown on them. Because of this, water was pooling in the corners.

As the gutter service expert, Tommy quickly identified the problem. He explained to the customer that gutters must hang in a specific way.

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The front edge must align with the lower part of the roof. On top of that, they should pitch down to the corners and then straight to the outside. It's all about proper water flow.

Tommy removed the gutter and downspout like a pro. No more clogged drains for him. Then, he went on to clean them up real nice. To ensure that there were no wobbly gutters, he replaced old, worn-out brackets. The gutter expert also made sure to re-hang them just right. And to top it all off, he sealed the corners properly. That way, there won't be pesky leaks. High-quality sealant does a good job of sealing everything properly.

He also went the extra mile by installing hangers on the marked spots on the back of the gutters. Talk about attention to detail. With the hangers in place, those gutters aren't going anywhere - they're solid as a rock. And just like that, the gutters were as good as new. This video shows the importance of depending on gutter service experts like Tommy to keep things in good shape.