A Guide to Patio and Landscaping Designs

Homeowners can’t have backyard barbeques without a patio. The video’s host tells us about patios from a budget perspective.

Why Go Outside?

Why do you want to go outdoors? A patio cover such as an awning or even a pergola gives homeowners a reason to spend time outdoors. We have to go outside to see fireworks. Fire pits on our patios provide a reason to enjoy a starry night.

Video Source

Cooking for a large number of people often spills out onto the patio. I’ve seen fixin’s prepared in a friend’s kitchen while the turkey is deep fried on the patio. Patios were made for cooking.

Building Materials

Technology gives us building materials like fake grass, gravel, rubber pavers, brick, composite stone and wood, concrete, and more.

Other Patio Designs Considerations

Homeowners using the patio at night need candles, string lights, tiki torches, photocell lights, LED lights, or chandeliers.

Bring the flat screen and speakers onto the patio for movie night or a game. This bit of décor joins water features, pots of plants or fruits and vegetables as well as brightly colored pillows and ottomans. Enjoy these privacy items like Pampas grass, bamboo, or privacy screens.

Building a patio encompasses budget, size and location, building materials, and patio designs among other considerations. None of it has to be expensive.