Looking for Local Roofer Scams

Scams exist in all industries as well as on an individual basis. Tracy Bookman of Colorado's Homestead Roofing explains how to recognize local roofers scams.

One red flag comes with contractors asking for a substantial downpayment. If the contractor takes the money and runs and the homeowner sues and wins, it can be difficult to recover the money awarded by a judge.

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If the contractor asks for funds, make sure they're held in trust until roofing materials are delivered. Additionally, not all states require a contract or even a license (just a certificate,) so check before any funds are disbursed.

Deeply research any contractor. The ‘Net is full of scammers under a number of “company” names and addresses: • They won't be able to pull permits to do the work. Never pull the permits yourself. • Check with the state licensing office to discover if (a) he has one and (b) if it's expired. • Check with the state insurance board for liability insurance.

Scammers appear following hail storms or violent wind storms. Beware of contractors going door to door following these events. Contractors will exaggerate the damage to get a higher price. Ask a home inspector to check the roof first for an accurate reading. Common sense and a little research can keep homeowners safe from scamming local roofers.