How to Stay Safe While Working on Roofs

Numerous homeowners maintain their own homes, including roofs, instead of calling local roofers. These homeowners may not know how to safely tie up to their roofs to avoid falling. Elvis on the video shows us two ways to do this.

Video Source

  1. Buy a bracket like the one in the video. Using a hammer, locate a stud. Nail your bracket onto the stud. Attach your harness to the bracket.
  2. Locate a vent on the roof. Pry off the top of the vent. Take your rope (if you’re not using a harness) and tie it off to a 2x4 beneath the vent. Ensure your rope or harness is long enough to reach any point on the roof.
  3. Taking the bracket off the roof safely is important, too. Use your arm to knock a crowbar positioned on a nail. If you throw your body weight behind its removal, you could fall. Use roofing nails and caulking to fill the holes left by the bracket nails. If you used a rope on a 2x4, untie the rope, replace the vent cover, and carefully make your way down the roof to your ladder.

Homeowners who enjoy maintaining their homes should know about the safety of doing so. It could mean the difference between the money spent hiring expert local roofers and a trip to the ER.