Your Guide to Tree Edging, Mulching and Maintenance

Some homeowners like their lawns prettily clipped and arranged. Others like a more full and wild look. Scott from Everyday Home Repairs, a local tree service, wants homeowners with prettily clipped lawns to know how to edge, mulch, and maintain their trees.

Why edge and mulch your trees? The answer is curb appeal, first and foremost. It’s easier to mow around as more moisture and nutrients get to the tree roots using mulch.

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Place a tape measure around the trunk three feet around. Place an edger inside the measure and edge of the tree. Remove the sod. Remove any grass or weeds down to the roots and leave the tree roots exposed. Instead of fabric or newspaper, a weed preventative sprinkled over the soil and throughout the mulch works.

Placing the mulch up against the trunk and over the roots will smother your tree. To stop that, the tree will grow a second set of roots through which it gets nutrition. Instead, place two inches of mulch on the outside of the circle and work up to the tree with a little mulch against the trunk and over the roots. Lightly sprinkle weed preventative over the mulch and water the tree.

Homeowners can have pretty and healthy trees. It just takes some weed prevention, mulch, and a little know-how. That’s where a local tree service can help.