Safety Tips for Working on Roofs

This handy video has experienced roofer Jennifer Oldendorf providing some helpful tips for making sure any roof installation or replacement is done correctly and safely. She explains there are many different types of roofs and methods of installation. She got her start by doing a few odd jobs and then, on her father’s advice, joined a union. Her main safety tip when selecting a local roofer is to find a company that supplies union roofers.

She explained that the process can be overwhelming, but the union takes the time to train its workers in all the different methods and materials used in roofing. Most importantly, she says, is being trained in all the important safety factors before going out on a job.

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Instead of the dangerous situation of learning as you go, union training provides the best ways to get any job done and how to handle most situations in the correct manner.

Ms. Oldendorf is glad she chose to pursue her career with local roofers that employ professional and safe roofers. She also smiles while explaining she gets a great feeling of pride when passing a roof she helped install. It sounds like dad gave his daughter some pretty solid advice.