20 Trends to Know for Your Bathroom Remodel

A great way to maximize the appeal of any home is by working with a bathroom remodeling service to create a modern and attractive bathroom. As an upgrade or a renovation, giving attention to this important home space yields big dividends. This video with a knowledgeable host from Reno Assistance presents some of the hottest trends for 2023 for the most up-to-date bathrooms.

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They include:

1. Glass bathtubs
2. Colorful sinks
3. Wall-to-Wall ceramic
4. Curved Showers
5. All shapes of ceramic tiles
6. All stone vanities
7. Terrazzo materials
8. Wall-mounted Sconces
9. Soft color palettes
10. Flutes in the bathroom
11. Use of Wicker and Rattan
12. Mirrors in double oval shapes
13. Traveler’s bathroom design
14. Make-up tables
15. Wallpaper
16. Wabi-sabi design elements
17. Light fixtures with a vintage look
18. Heavy use of plants, including tropical
19. Use of smart technology in the bathroom (smart mirrors for example)
20. Home spas for two

This well-briefed host provides helpful insights into each of the above trends and explains what styles are returning or are a new approach to traditional looks. There are also suggestions on how to best implement each of the trends for the best results. If the ideas and concepts strike an interest, further assistance is available from the Reno Assistance pros.