How Epoxy Garage Flooring is Installed

Thankfully, homeowners have options when it comes to jazzing up garage floors. Basic concrete floors don't have to be the last stop for anyone who wants to upgrade their garage floors. Epoxy flooring can dress up plain stained concrete floors. Epoxy flooring companies like Garage Floors 1 know a thing or two about adding a bit of pizazz to garage floors, and they can teach you how.

Prepping the Epoxy and Preparing the Garage Floor

The team at Garage Floors 1 made a video to demonstrate how to install an epoxy floor. They start by cleaning and sanding the floor, followed by using a hand sander to sand the edges of the garage floor.

Video Source

The epoxy is mixed and applied to the trim work around the perimeter of the garage. Then, flakes are sprinkled over the trim work as the epoxy is being applied. The flakes adhere to the epoxy while wet, as it heats up. The crew moves quickly because the epoxy dries fast, and the flakes won't stick once it dries.

The crew uses the same method on the garage floor by applying a bottom layer of epoxy and sprinkling flakes over the entire floor. Special shoes are worn during this process. A top layer of epoxy is applied after the flakes have been sprinkled on top of the bottom layer and have dried. Upon completion, 24 hours must pass before walking on the floor, and 72 before parking or placing anything heavy on the floor.