Top Tips for Vinyl Flooring Installation

Do you want to know how to install vinyl flooring? Watch this informative video for tips and pointers on getting the job done. This is a great one for a DIY project too. If you are installing this flooring or any flooring for that matter, you’ll need a clean working space to work with. For example, removing everything that is taking up floor space.

The floor store will have all the supplies you need, and you may also need some additional tools from the hardware store. Ensure the floor area is measured to get the correct fittings.

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Preferably, a longer board is good for starting out. You should also measure the end of the floor if it is transitioning from carpet to vinyl floor. The edges below or the skirting at the bottoms of the walls should be removed to instal the floor flush. According to the measurements, you can trim off any uneven pieces or edges to the flooring.

Cut under the door frame to accommodate the thickness of the flooring. You might be able to ask the floor store for assistance to help cut the boards to custom sizes if you have already measured the space. Use these tips in the video as it takes you step-by-step through the installation process.