What to Expect During Your Tree Service Inspection

When you have a tree service consultation, you can expect that the service specialist will do a thorough inspection of what’s going on with the trees on your property. They will look at where trees are located and what the risks are for them. This includes what other things are going on in the same location, such as pavers and retaining walls. They might fertilize trees and shrubs on your property to ensure that they’re growing in optimal conditions. Your trees should have a healthy foundation that includes plenty of balanced nutrition in the soil that will keep them growing strong and tall.

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Another area that they are likely to address is what your trees are doing for the rest of your yard. For instance, if you have put down grass seed, you want there to be a good deal of sunlight to help your lawn grow. If your trees are casting too much of a shadow where you’d like grass to grow, this is not going to work out too well. Be sure to ask your arborist plenty of questions and talk about your concerns. They’ll explain any professional tree services maintenance they recommend and how routine maintenance of your trees will save you energy and money in the long run.