Top Tips to Dealing With Water Pressure Issues

This video by H2O-Mechanical discusses how to deal with pressure issues in a well or submersible pump. A bladder tank is a device that stores water under pressure in a well system. It consists of two parts: a bladder and an air chamber. The bottom third of the tank is the bladder, which holds the water, and the other two-thirds is filled with compressed air. Follow these tips to maintain the right pressure.

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To adjust the pressure, follow these steps from a local plumber:

To check if the bladder is leaking, the owner can move the tank from side to side. If there's any water sloshing inside, the bladder is bad. Viewers can also knock on the tank. (A hollow tank sounds like a bell.) If the nipple below the switch is clogged, it will prevent accurate pressure readings. Viewers can remove the switch and clear dirt or debris from the nipple.

If someone has replaced their tank or switch, it's important to check for air pressure issues. This will cause frequent cycling of the pump or low water pressure. These tips may save the day. Reach out to a local plumber, such as H2O-Mechanic,, for more help with pressure issues.