Your Guide to Inspecting Your Refrigerator Compressor

The compressor is an essential part of your refrigerator. In this video, the presenter gives a step-by-step process to determine whether your compressor is broken. He has a good compressor and a bad compressor so that he can compare and contrast the two as he goes.

The obvious sign that your compressor might be bad is that temperatures are rising in your refrigerator, and items are beginning to thaw. If the fan on the outside and inside (if applicable) seem to be working, it's time to check out the compressor.

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The presenter shows you how to remove the relay so that you can get the compressor loose for inspection. You are then prepared to connect a volt meter.

He shows you how to use the leads on the volt meter to check for continuity on the pins of the compressor. With the good compressor, the three pins all had continuity with each other. On the bad one, there was no continuity between the bottom and left pins. The leads touching them did not result in the volt meter beeping. The same happened when he checked left and right together.

This sign will tell you that your compressor is bad. And in this case, the only potential appliance repair is installing a new one. Compressors can cost hundreds of dollars, so you will need to determine whether to replace it, or simply purchase a new fridge.