3 Common Commercial Mechanical Maintenance Mistakes

This video shares five common commercial mechanical mistakes. It will help viewers to not commit the same commercial mechanical maintenance mistakes made by so many others.

The first mistake is covering the hood wall in a kitchen before it gets inspected. An important part of the inspection is making sure that none of the material inside the wall is combustible, so it needs to be accessible to inspectors. The second mistake is when the mechanical installation does not match the plans on file.

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Changes get made frequently throughout the building process, but the building department and contractor need to be on the same revision so that there isn't any confusion about what is going in.

Mistake No. 3 is that incorrect types of ceiling dampers are being installed. Often times, dampers of the wrong rating will get installed, especially in apartment buildings. The fourth mistake is when contractors decide to change an element of the plan without recording it or updating the building department. This is different from mistake No. 2, because in this case, a new update is never made. The contractor simply does something different from what was planned and hopes it goes unnoticed. Finally, the final mistake is incorrect framing for fire/fire smoke dampers.

All of these mistakes cause headaches, and many cost extra money. It's essential for commercial mechanical contractors to keep the building department update and to avoid other common mistakes.