How to Know If You Need an Alimony Attorney

Going through a divorce can be difficult and stressful. Knowing how to navigate it makes the process go smoother. Bari Weinberger, Esq. at Weinberger Law Group of New Jersey, offers her advice about hiring an alimony attorney.

Representing Yourself as a Pro Se Litigant

Many people want to get a divorce done fast, and because of that, they decide to represent themselves. The court calls those representing themselves pro se litigant.

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People who've gone through a divorce before feel that it won't be difficult going this route. Doing this requires going to the courthouse for packages called a pro se packet from a staff member. While staff members will provide the packages, they can't offer legal advice.

The Downside to Pro Se Litigant

Unfortunately, there is one major downside: representing yourself sometimes leads to horrible mistakes. So is an alimony lawyer needed? Weinberger recommends getting advice through an initial consultation with a lawyer. Most initial consultations are free. Then, decide what the best process is and how to handle it. Visit our site as it has helpful information to get you through a legal situation. Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions!