Your Guide to Opening an Ice Cream Parlour

In his YouTube video, “Ice Cream Shop Guide,” entrepreneur Wilson Klee provides guidance for opening an ice cream parlour. Wilson recommends you first decide what you’ll serve. The type of dessert will determine what kind of equipment you'll need. The amount of butterfat and airflow will determine your product’s taste.

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Once you’re ready to open your store, implement your management philosophy. Beginning your business with the right mindset is essential. As you start the operating phase of your business, Wilson encourages you to know three things: yourself, your numbers, and your customers.

Knowing yourself means communicating management’s vision to staff and customers. Knowing your numbers includes keeping records of expenses and income. If a business owner isn’t familiar with bookkeeping, they’ll be at risk for fines or tax penalties. Finding ways to entice customers to buy your ice cream. Before opening day and onward, a manager needs an excellent marketing strategy. They'll also need an online presence.

Offering promotions or loyalty cards can only go so far. Wilson believes trust is the most crucial enticement for customers. If a store provides good ice cream every time, that business will succeed. At the end of the video, Wilson offers links for viewers to access marketing tips and get templates to use when beginning their businesses.