3 Things to Know Before Dog Boarding

Whether traveling for work or on holiday, figuring out where to leave your dog can be stressful, especially if it's your first time. Since the alternative is to travel with your dog, which might expose it to further stress, finding a good boarding home should be a priority. This video discusses the key things to remember when choosing a dog boarding facility to give your furry friend the perfect soft landing.

  1. Different Types of Dog Boarding
    There is a wide range of dog boarding services in the market. The most common ones are in-home and kennel boarding services.

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    Your dog's age and temperament should be a key consideration when choosing a boarding facility. For instance, puppies may not be able to handle the change of environment in a kennel boarding facility, and booking an in-home service would be ideal if you have a pup or a sick dog.
  2. Book Early
    If you plan to board your dog during the holiday season, booking your spot well in advance is extremely important. Most boarding facilities are fully booked during holidays, and you can easily miss out on a spot. Notably, some businesses require a down payment for bookings, so be ready.
  3. Consider Leaving Some Instructions
    No matter how good a boarding company is, they will only treat your dog as well as you do if you make it clear in writing. As you hand over the pet, make sure you also hand over a list of guidelines you want the staff to follow. This could be the feeding instructions, your preferred bedtime for the dog, or even a list of the dog's medications.