3 Tips to Increase Your Door's Value

The video "How to DIY basics interior doors to make them designer" covers three ways to upgrade a dull door into fabulous décor. Affordably decorating a door includes color, profile, and hardware changes. Read on to learn more!

1. Color

The interior doors look great when painted. That is an easy way to create a standout feature.

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Trending colors include pale yellow and baby blue. For dramatic flair in a modern home, DIYers or door contractors can use universal paint in black or royal blue.

2. Profile

It's easy to transform a flat-panel door into a chic Shaker statement piece. Home designers can buy flexible MDF wood and cut the panels to size. That's done by cutting frames and leaving inserts to form the popular Shaker door profile. Molding isn't just for walls. Homeowners can use molding and a miter saw to create bold door profiles with precise corners for a rustic or traditional look.

3. Hardware

New door hardware is expensive, but revamping existing hardware isn't. DIYers can use metallic paint to transform and renew dated doorknobs. Homeowners can create a faux panel to modernize door hardware using painted MDF wood.

Many DIY solutions exist for those who want dramatic doors with architectural features and bold colors. These involve painting the door in unique shades, creating a high-end profile, and updating existing hardware. Door contractors can add further suggestions or replace damaged doors.