Top FAQs to Ask Your Physical Therapist

People who need to regain mobility are sent by their doctor to physical therapists. In their YouTube video, “Top 5 Physical Therapy FAQs,” Core Institute answers questions about physical therapy. Narrator Jim Watson provides answers to these questions:

  1. Why does physical therapy take so long? Physical therapy (P/T) helps patients regain mobility. Therapists first work to help the body resolve its injury. Then, the therapist works with patients, their bodies will move normally.

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  2. Must I do exercises at home? Repeating P/T exercises helps the body heal. Without repeating exercises, the body takes longer to recover. Muscles heal a bit more each day exercises are done.
  3. How do I choose a physical therapist? Jim recommends finding local physical therapists that communicate with your doctor. He believes that communication creates the best therapy plan. He suggests finding a place that specializes in the injury the patient has.
  4. Can I go directly to P/T? Jim reveals some states allow direct access to therapists. However, insurance companies may not reimburse those visits. He says it’s best to get a prescription for P/T.
  5. Why are people referred to as P/T? Physical therapists identify why a patient’s body can’t move normally. Therapists then compose an exercise program. During P/T visits, therapists work with the patient to regain maximum mobility.