A Basic Guide to Cleaning Services

Learning a new job is easier with experienced professional advice. In their video, “Basic Clean - What House Cleaning Should Be Done?” provides guidelines for employees of cleaning services to decide which chores will be done during a weekly Basic Clean appointment. The narrator, Angela Brown, suggests a new cleaner should compose a list of services they consider essential.

Video Source

If anyone requires suggestions for their job list, Angela provides a link to download a checklist that you can customize. She also suggests you decide on what price to charge. When a cleaner goes to a client’s home for the first time, they should walk through the entire house. The cleaner should show the client their checklist and ask if any service on the list isn’t needed. They should also ask if they will ask for anything not on the list. Next, the cleaner should reveal their price for each visit and negotiate any “extra” services (such as cleaning the stove or refrigerator.) Some clients may have an extra-large home, and the client may request the cleaning of a different “extra” bedroom each week. The cleaner and the client should agree on tasks that will compose the weekly Basic Clean, and the price the client will pay. Agreeing on these guidelines will help a cleaner begin each job professionally.