How to Get Started in the Asphalt Business

If you’re wondering how to start an asphalt business, take it from the pros. Watch this video as Dave Strand of Strand Pavement Maintenance, Asphalt, and Seal Coating gives some valuable pointers on how he started his very own asphalt company over 40 years ago. Taking tips and advice from the pros is always a great way to get started.

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Investigate the market and check how other asphalt companies in the area are operating. You must know what the competition is like to know how well your business will do. You’ll also need the right equipment to conduct your business in the asphalt and seal coating industry.

Invest in marketing strategies and, most of all, also have a business plan in place to help you have more direction. Asphalt companies have many benefits as it is a very lucrative industry. Many people use asphalt for their driveway or paving solutions because it is an affordable medium and easy to maintain.

As a new business venture, you will also need the capital to acquire your materials and equipment, even storage space to store the items. You will also eventually have people working for you in assistance who will need a salary or wage payment. Getting a business loan can help get the process started.