What You Need to Know About Firewood Delivery

Like grocery, clothing and pet supplies, firewood can be delivered to the customer from the forest or supplier. It is a highly convenient service when working with the right delivery experts. However, as seen in this video, there are common things to remember for a smoother and more satisfying experience.

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Here are a few things to know about firewood delivery. Bulk May Be Cheaper Bulk firewood delivery can sometimes be cheaper because some delivery companies charge per mile transported. Also, some discounts may be available for bulk transport. Moisture Content Is Vital Moisture content is a vital factor in firewood delivery, especially if the logs are to be transported over a long distance. Firewood owners should understand the moisture content in their logs for better planning. Species May Not Always Matter Many tree species exist, but the exact types do not necessarily matter regarding transport. Usually, the delivery companies check the weight and the distance, not the type. Firewood Delivery Can Be Risky The process of handling firewood is not smooth and requires careful handling. The delivery experts should wear gloves, use the proper lifting practices and inspect for pests. Firewood delivery isn’t easy and should only be done by experts. When buying wood, clients should plan for the delivery before and only work with seasoned contractors for the best results.