Your Guide to the Role of a Defense Attorney

If you’re accused of a criminal offense, you have the right to a skillful defense. In his YouTube video, “What is the Role of a Criminal Defense Attorney?” Mike Kruse, of Kruze Law, explains his role in the defense process. Mike’s is a Canadian defense lawyer.

Video Source

Mike explains his role when a client is accused of a criminal offense. Lawyers follow the ethical standards of the law. Once Mike gets a new criminal client, he reviews the evidence held by the prosecution, and determines whether his client has a valid defense. As he plans his cases, Mike tries to estimate his client’s chances of winning their case. Mike admits that some clients present him with cases they win. Some clients won’t prevail and will plead guilty. In those cases, Mike tries to minimize his client’s sentences. At trial, Mike represents his accused client. Most of all, he listens to the prosecutor present their case. He listens for any discrepancies in the prosecution’s case. He knows the prosecution must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. If Mike finds a way to create doubt in the prosecution’s case, he does. Mike concludes by asserting every client - whether guilty or innocent - deserves a competent defense.