Your Guide to Gutter Slope

Gutters are crucial for homes. Among other things, they draw water away from the house, and specifically, your home’s foundation. If your foundation is exposed to too much water, it could end up damaged and may break down more quickly. This could result in expensive repair and mitigation bills. Fortunately, gutters can help protect your foundation.

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Installing and maintaining gutters can take a bit of work and it’s smart to partner with gutter companies.

You don’t want your gutters to be flat. If gutters are flat, the water will drain away very slowly. This could increase the risk of your gutters being overwhelmed or getting jammed up. By installing your gutters with a slight slope, you can increase the rate of flow of water and also reduce the risk of clogs. (Faster-moving water will more effectively remove debris, like leaves.)

You can use a bubble level to measure slopes. When the bubble is between the two lines, that means the surface or object is level. Remember, that’s what we don’t want. Instead, we want a slope, which means we want the bubble to be outside the line. Since we want a slight slope, the bubble can be just outside the line. This will be enough to ensure effective drainage in most cases. Sound like a lot of work? Remember that you can team up with gutter companies.