Your Guide to Auto Body Repair

In this video, the host of Garage Noise shows how to handle auto body repair work on a Ford Fusion. They start by explaining that the first step is to assess the damage on the Ford Fusion's side panel. There are several dents and scratches to fix before proceeding with the repair.

To straighten out the dents, the host uses a body line tool. It helps mark out the body line, which is the crease or contour that runs along the side of the vehicle.

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By marking the body line, the repaired area matches the vehicle's original shape. Next, the host applies tape along the body line to create a boundary for the repair area.

After marking off the body line, the host blocks up to the tape. Blocking involves sanding the damaged area using a sanding block. Sanding smoothens out imperfections, ensuring the surface is even and ready for painting. Once the door is ready, remove any dust or debris from the surface.

After that, it’s time to prime it using a rust-inhibiting primer. Shake the primer well before applying a thin, even coat to the door. It’s best to start with the edges and corners and then move on to the larger areas. Allow the primer to dry completely according to the car manufacturer's instructions.