Your Guide to Property Tree Clean-Up Costs

When you're looking to do a new construction project on your property or just clean the area up for general beautification, calling in a professional property tree clean-up crew is often the best option. Naturally, you'll have questions, and there are things you should know before hiring. The good news is that the Stoney Ridge Farmer YouTube channel is here to help. Be sure to watch their video about the cost of removing stumps to learn more.

  1. Stump removal is a heavy-duty job
    Removing a stump requires heavy equipment or dangerous chemicals, sometimes both. Getting the job done right and safely requires careful, expert work.

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  2. How pricing is determined
    Every stump removal job is different. The size, root depth, terrain, and other factors all go into determining how much it will cost.
  3. Removal methods
    Removal methods include, chemical rotting, burning, and mechanical removal. The best method will depend on existing conditions.
  4. Site prep
    The site should be prepped for safety and completeness.
  5. Why go with the pros
    Often, stump removal can be dangerous. For best results with minimal risks, calling in the pros is usually best.

Stoney Ridge Farmer is one of the best resources out there for free, authoritative advice about property tree clean up, land clearing, stump removal, and more. Tune in, like, and subscribe to get the most out of this popular educational channel.