Everything Your Diesel Mechanic Wants You to Know About Your Engine

According to the video “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Diesel Engines Motorz #75,” Rudolph Diesel invented the diesel engine in 1893. Since then, it’s been a popular choice because of its efficiency. Like any engine, diesel engines require proper care. If you have a diesel engine, never use gasoline because the gas might fail to ignite. If it does ignite, it could do so at the wrong time and ruin the engine.

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You can tell them apart by noticing that gasoline has a different consistency from diesel.

For vehicles powered by diesel engines, you’ll want to follow protocol for maintaining the vehicle so that it runs smoothly and safely. Outside of regular vehicle maintenance and inspections required by law, you can treat your diesel vehicle right by following the instructions in the owner’s manual for care and maintenance. Driving through urban areas often or towing hefty loads will make it a good idea for diesel vehicle owners to change their oil more frequently than those who tow light loads infrequently or rarely drive in cities. Overall, diesel engines are the same as gasoline engines in most ways other than a few key differences. Still, the maintenance for both types of engines may vary based on how they diverge from one another mechanically. Make sure to contact a professional diesel mechanic for more information.