Why Fence Companies Offer Both Wood and Vinyl Fencing

As a homeowner or commercial property owner, you've probably noticed that there are plenty of types of fences on the market to preserve your privacy and mark where your property ends as another property begins. The sheer amount of fence offerings on the market are no accident from a fence company's point of view. In fact, fence companies have a good reason behind offering wood and vinyl fencing to their commercial and residential customers. As the video "What Fence Should I Buy? Cedar vs.

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Vinyl" shares, a wood fence may sometimes be a little bit cheaper than a vinyl fence. Although the cost of materials and labor vary from company to company, if there's a price difference, it makes sense that fencing companies would offer fences at different price points for different customers.

Some customers may be more inclined to choose an option that saves them a few hundred dollars by the end of the project. This will win these companies customers who may have been on the fence about choosing them based on their budget (no pun intended). In the long term, wood fences may prove more costly than vinyl fences because of staining and other finishes. Additionally, some consumers may prefer the appearance of vinyl or wood and push fencing companies to diversify products.