Your Guide to Building Shed Foundation

No matter where we live - a house, apartment, or mobile estate - everyone needs more storage. Some homeowners opt for building a wing onto their house. Some rent a storage unit. Others call their local shed builder. Here’s what Lowe’s wants you to know about building sheds.

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Siting The Shed

First, confirm you’re complying with all building codes and permits. Second, call 811 to ensure you’re not digging up buried cables. The shed foundation should be laid on a level spot with good drainage. Verify that you have three feet of clearance around the shed foundation. Place pegs and string three feet on one side and four along the other. The distance at the corners should be five feet.

Choosing the Foundation

If you live in warmer climates, then you have options such as pouring a concrete slab and placing sill plates on top or masonry blocks set on several inches of gravel. The video shows how to make a shed foundation for areas that frost. You’ll need post-hole diggers, concrete, wood posts, plywood, gravel, and soil. Follow the directions or you can hire a local shed builder.

Sheds are the quickest and least expensive method of gaining more storage. As the video shows, building a shed foundation takes a little work, but it will be a solid base for your shed.