Answering Junk Removal Companies FAQs

Is it time for spring cleaning around your house or office? Do you not have a truck to haul your junk to the city dump? There’s a junk removal companies app for that. It’s called Rapid Cleanout and they offer to pick up all your junk and more. Check out these FAQs to learn what kind of junk that junk removal companies take.

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"I’m remodeling my office. Does Rapid Cleanout take outdated plumbing pipes, toilets, and break room kitchen counters and cabinets?"

Yes. In fact, pull up the carpet, take out the baseboards, the old wood flooring, the windows, the ceiling, the lighting, and anything else you don’t want. They take it.

"Do you remove sheds and their contents?"

Yes. They handle old furnishings, building materials, car batteries, tires, lawnmowers, old appliances, TVs and electronics, and more that are cluttering your sheds or barns.

"Can you help realtors and construction sites?"

Of course. Realtors selling structures “as is” can call on junk removal companies like Rapid Cleanout. They remove the junk so you can sell the structure. Construction companies can rest easy knowing the site will be clear of unnecessary materials when it's needed.

Junk removal isn’t only about getting rid of unsightly stuff. It’s about regaining usable square footage. It’s about recycling the old so the new can be born. It’s about homes and offices looking updated and attractive. Now that you know what a company does, you'll know more about local companies around you.