Tips for Expert HVAC Installations

There are many steps to successful HVAC installations. They include preparation, pipe fitting, ductwork, and testing. Watch the video above and follow these tips for a safe and efficient process.

Video Source

  1. Pump Down the System
    The first step in new HVAC installations is to prepare the system with a pump-down procedure. If the installer is working alone, they can use the compressor to pump down the system if it’s working, which minimizes the tools and equipment needed on the job site.
  2. Custom Fit New Lines and Ductwork
    The next step is to reconnect the copper pipes and electrical and to replace the coil. Some brazing and ductwork will be necessary. Cut the lines and sheet metal to custom size and secure and seal them into place. The closer the fit and the better the seal, the less leakage.
  3. Test the System
    Once installation is complete, test the pressures and vacuums for leaks. These should be less than the maximum listed in the manufacturing guidelines. Cycle the unit a few times and check for odd sounds or issues.

Finally, remove any residual plastic from the unit. Clean the workspace of garbage and scraps and review the work with the client. Follow up in a few days to ensure the new HVAC installations work.