The Starting Steps to Deck Design

Decks add usable square footage (and a better sale price) to a house. Homeowners can use a deck designer, or they can design their own. Lowe’s experts will make up a materials list.

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Lowe’s also explains how to lay out a deck.

Comply with all city and/or county building codes, permits, and HOA rules. Call 811 to ensure buried cables are marked. Design enough deck space to include furnishings and walking room. Deck boards are five and one-half inches wide, so plan for that as well. Give the deck and railings enough space to avoid windows and opening doors. Lowe’s will give DIYers a professional plan and materials list. The boards will be pressure-treated, but they’ll need to dry before use. Follow all manufacturers’ instructions for fasteners and structural supplies.

Using string and batten boards, mark off the deck area. Ensure the strings are level and perfectly square. Sod should be cut before placing the supporting posts. Measure the height of the posts against the house and mark it. The height of the deck should be beneath the doors to avoid water getting into the house. Next comes putting it all together. Building things is fun, and being your own deck designer is, too. Building useful things like decks gives homeowners a sense of completion that’s hard to beat.