A Masterclass in Running a Wedding Catering Service

One of the most crucial steps in starting a catering business is doing your research before you even begin putting rubber to the road–or, shall we say, spatulas to the grill. As the video “How to cater a wedding | Catering Masterclass PT 1 | The Prep” points out, event planners look for caterers who possess specific qualities like reliability, punctuality, preparation for the tasks at hand, and friendliness. Before you even begin taking practical steps to starting your catering business, you can cultivate a professional mindset that will make event coordinators and related professionals flock to your business even when it’s still in its earliest stages of development. Although you might want to put the catering cart before the proverbial horse and dive right into cooking up your dream catering service, your business will fare much better if you crack open the books or the world wide web before diving into the hands-on side of starting a catering business. After research, it’s time to work.

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Once your catering business reaches the point where you’re booking venues, you’ll want to print business cards and share them with every potential venue and event planner on your roster. Business cards are a small item that can majorly impact on your catering business. Finally, buy supplies based on professional recommendations.