How Fence Companies Price Their Services

Do you need to install a fence? In their YouTube video, “How Much Does a Fence Cost?” Chicagoland Contractors shows how to calculate the cost of the fence. The video also provides a website and phone number for any questions. First, decide which materials you’ll use to make the fence. Prices of materials vary - and your choice will affect the price. Next, decide how tall you want the fence to be.

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Another price component will be how many gates you need. Most fence gates are between 3–5 feet wide. If you need a wider entrance, you’ll need a double gate. If you need to remove an old fence, the cost of that labor will add to the fence’s cost. The last step before calculating is to determine the length of your fence. You can use a tape measure to get the length. There are also apps available to calculate length. The app will look at the length of the yard through your phone’s camera. You can also use Google Earth, which calculates the footage from the sky. With that information, go to and use their fence price calculator. The calculator will estimate your fence's price. Once you buy materials, choose from the local fence companies to install the fence. If you have questions, the video also provides a phone number.