How Composite Deck Builders Install Trex Materials

While composite deck builders may have different methods for installing Trex materials, there are some general similarities. In the video “How to install Trex composite decking," we learn that before composite deck builders start working with Trex materials on your deck, they’ll want to conduct all the necessary measurements and ensure that their math is accurate, so they don’t end up with too much or too little material. In the same vein, your deck builders will bring along extra material for blocking.

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This is a necessary part of the process that many novice deck builders forget as they construct their first composite deck. The results of this simple, common mistake leave homeowners dissatisfied with the job. It’s always better to have too much of a material than too little, so if you’re building the composite deck on your own, purchase more than you think you might need instead of going on the conservative side. You can always try to return excess materials to the store or keep them around for repairs if you end up with a stack of extra Trex materials. If you don’t have enough, you might need to take an emergency trip to the store that will leave your project unfinished and vulnerable to damage as you step away from it in its incomplete state.