Tree Services: The Step by Step Process

Safe removal of a dead or dying tree is best left to a professional in tree services, especially if the tree is large and close to your home. Homeowners could try to remove a small tree on their own, but this should also be done with care to help save the tree. Safety is important! 1. Clear the area surround the tree.

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There should be room around the tree for it to lay flat on the ground once it comes down (otherwise some issues may occur) Estimate the height of the tree and clear whatever you can from the immediate area. 2. Examine the tree. Notice which way the tree leans naturally. This could help determine the best direction it should fall. However, if you notice areas of decay, the tree could collapse easily and not fall where intended. This can be extremely dangerous. 3. Pick an escape route, or two(!). If the tree begins to fall out of control, you'll want a clear path to run in the other direction. Notice what other areas around the tree are free of obstacles, and be prepared for anything. 4. Gather the right equipment. Depending on the size of the tree, you may be able to cut it down with a handsaw. Larger trees with a trunk diameter of a foot or more require more power from a chainsaw.