Frequent Mistakes During Shingle Roof Installation

Installing roof shingles is no easy task. Roofers typically spend a long time training to perfect their craft. Even then, some of the best roofers still make mistakes from time to time. If you’re looking at roof installation, it’d be wise to contact professional contractors who can help you get the job done.

One of the most common mistakes is getting the nails wrong. There are certain patterns that work best for given shingles and situations.

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If you’d like to lay down shingles, make sure you get plenty of practice with a hammer and nails first.

If you’re not familiar with roof installation, you might also simply select the wrong type of roof. Quite frankly, shingles don’t work well in every situation. They rarely work well with flat roofs, for example. You’ll usually want to use a different type of roof. With shingles, the roof should usually have at least a 4/12 pitch.

Another common source of problems is the installation around flashing. This is used to surround things like vents, chimneys, and skylights. If you have these features on your property, make sure you pay especially close attention when installing your roof.

Does this all sound like a lot of complicated work? It is! If you’re installing a new roof, it’s wise to work with pros. Get in touch with your local experts if you have any questions.