Questions to Ask Before Renting a Dumpster

Hiring a dumpster rental service for the first time may raise some questions in a person's mind. While the rental agreement can answer some questions, someone may still have others. Fortunately, Dumpsters Near Me answers various questions in their video.

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These are some of the questions someone should look out for in the FAQ video and ones a person may want to ask before renting a dumpster.

What Can a Person Place in a Dumpster?

To ensure someone doesn't receive extra fees or receive any repercussions for dumping prohibited items, always ask what can be placed in the dumpster. Common household trash, junk, and furniture are some examples a person may place in a dumpster. Hazardous materials, however, are prohibited, such as paint, chemicals, or anything with freon or mercury. The dumpster renter can't place hazmat material or liquids in the dumpster, either. If someone mixes construction debris and landscape debris or places tires or appliances in the dumpster, additional charges will apply.

How Much Is Dumpster Rental?

Before renting a dumpster, one should know the price, which varies based on the dumpster's size and rental time. The rental agreement should highlight all the details, and a person can always ask for clarification if there are any further questions. These are merely some questions a person should ask before renting a dumpster to ensure they don't receive any additional charges, delay the process, and other negatives. These can make renting a dumpster rental service a non-stressful experience.