What Is the Difference Between a Fuel Cell and a Fuel Tank

An OEM fuel tank often does not pass technical inspections, so they recommend fuel cells because they are safer, stronger, have ports for fuel injection, and can be mounted anywhere. The fuel cell includes bottom ports for the fuel outlet that sit low and face toward the truck’s rear so the fuel runs toward the fittings. One top port is the return line from the fuel system, and the other combines the safety rollover valve and vent.

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The large fuel cap with a safety latch helps with quick refueling and has a safety latch. The cell interior has aluminum baffles and foam to limit sloshing. The foam also keeps the fuel pooled in the lower sump. Fuel cells come in aluminum, steel, and plastic and are mountable in different locations. They chose aluminum to reflect the desert sun and mounted it high between the frame rails behind the rear axle to help with weight transfer. They also built a cage to protect it from rocks and debris on the course. As the host says, the best location for the fuel cell becomes clear if you consider your application, safety, and fuel delivery. Protecting the full-featured fuel cell allows you to focus on driving while on the course.