Simple Etiquette Tips While Riding a Utility Golf Cart

If you’re going to drive a utility golf cart, you should make sure that you exercise the proper etiquette. Golf carts can be dangerous, especially if you’re not careful while operating them. Before getting behind the wheel, make sure that you understand how to operate the cart.

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Also, study the local environment and identify any potential risk factors, like pedestrians or waterways.

If you’re carrying anything in the golf cart, like a bag of golf clubs, make sure that it is properly fastened. Securing a bag or whatever else can be tricky, so make sure you test everything out. If something falls off the cart, it could create a lot of problems.

You should understand how fast the golf cart will move and how quickly it will stop. While you typically won’t want to travel at top speed or slam on the brakes, knowing the limits of your cart can help. Also, make sure nothing is obstructing the pedals (like sticks).

In many environments, there are cart paths. The local rules may ask that you only drive on these paths. If that’s the case, make sure you follow the rules. Going off-path could dramatically increase the risks of a mishap.

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