Your Guide to Commercial Epoxy Coating Application

"Commercial epoxy flooring - epoxy floor coating application process" is a video presented by Ryan Amato Painting, LLC, from Easton, PA. The video shows a crew applying a commercial epoxy coating to the garage floor at Shawnee Mountain, where they store snowcats and other heavy equipment used to maintain the ski trails and other facilities. The floor must stand up to hydraulic fluids, oils, grease, and snowcat treads, and the need for durability affects the number of coats and their choice of epoxies and aggregates mixed with the epoxy.

Video Source

The sound quality is sometimes poor, and they don't explain some steps, but the process begins by grinding the floor and priming it with a water-based epoxy, followed by a top coat of polyurea. The video shows them applying the first layers of commercial epoxy coating as one crew member pours it onto the floor while the second crew member spreads it evenly using a roller.

After that application, they hand-broadcast silicon aggregate onto the surface. They run a squeegee across the surface to distribute it evenly and smoothly. Next, they show a crew member using an air blower to dry or spread the materials before the third and final coat of epoxy gets rolled atop. After completing the process, the floor is sand-colored, smooth, and shines beautifully.