Your Introduction to Disability Law

Disability law has emerged in prominence over the last 50 years. Many attorneys note that disabled people suffered for many years due to a lack of civil rights. This guide will inform you about the significance of disability law.

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Disability Law Breakdown

The origins of disability law are traced back to the civil rights fight for people dealing with learning disabilities. A rough part of history involves telling the stories of people who were put in institutions because they were thought to have mental disabilities. Many parents sent their disabled children to these institutions with the belief that they would be cured.

Law School

Some law schools across the country began offering courses on mental health law. This would eventually start the focus on adding disability law courses to the curriculum. Many students were eager to learn about the civil rights challenges of disabled people. Disability law eventually spread and became a Worldwide topic. The exposure helped establish disability law as a new career path.

Empowering Others

Studies show that many disabled law graduates eventually became disabled rights attorneys. Many organizations are partnering with disabled representation to promote disability law. There are increased efforts to promote disability law and bring more awareness to the challenges disabled people face daily.