Your Guide to How a Job Agency Works

People looking for a job may wonder if they should use a job agency. In their YouTube video, “Your Guide to How Employment Agencies a narrator for Your Employment Solutions describes the agency process. The video explains the interaction between job seekers and employment agencies.

Video Source

Job Seekers

When a job seeker comes to the agency, a job counselor asks them to complete a job application. The staff member will interview the job seeker in order to evaluate the person’s interview style. Once they verify the seeker’s qualifications, they will try to match the seeker with the right job.

Employment agencies search for jobs for companies that need employees. Those companies become the clients of the agency. If the client wants someone temporarily, the job seeker will work for the client - as an employee of the job agency. When the temporary position ends, the job seeker can take another temporary assignment from the job agency.

Permanent Positions

Some clients need permanent employees. They may accept temporary employees and then offer them a permanent position. The client pays the job seeker's salary - whether it’s a temporary position or a permanent job. If an agency asks you for a fee, you shouldn’t work with them.