Your Guide to Updating Your Countertop

Upgrading a Formica countertop to a quartz countertop is relatively simple. As mentioned in the video, however, there are some considerations to be aware of before getting started. Learn more about removing Formica and installing new sleek quartz countertops.

About Quartz

Formica is cheaper than natural stone, but quartz is more prevalent in the buyer's market. Keep in mind that quartz countertops are not natural but manufactured.

Video Source

That means you can't expose them to heat like you would with granite or marble.

Removing Formica

Removing Formica countertops is easy. You can cut the silicone seal with a box cutter knife. Unscrew the anchor screws from underneath the countertops for easy removal. Finally, lift the countertop up and off of the cabinet base.

Installing the Quartz Countertop

Measure your countertop space accurately and have the quartz cut to the specification. Gently slide the quartz countertop halfway onto the cabinet base. Pause to add silicone adhesive to the back of the countertop base to adhere it firmly. Slide the countertop into place to the back. Lift the front and add adhesive underneath the front. That's all that's needed to install the quartz.

Removing old Formica countertops and installing quartz is simple and increases the value of a kitchen. With some accurate calculations and a few minutes, installing them with good results is easy. Consult with a local countertop company for more tips or options.