How Residential Window Cleaning Companies Quote You

When customers need to source qualified contractor services, they normally request a quote. As mentioned in the video, pricing services may be challenging for newer companies. However, there are a few tips that make it a simple process.

Pricing Window Cleaning Services

Residential window cleaning is lucrative if the company prices its services correctly. It's important to note that new companies take more time to complete the job.

Video Source

It's beneficial to quote by the pane of glass rather than by the hour. It instills confidence in the company from the perspective of the customer. A standard pane of glass for an average-size window can be quoted for $10 to $15. Charge more for windows located on second stories or more oversize ones like floor-to-ceiling windows. Consider that there are other add-ons to offer, such as window sill cleaning and much more.

Providing the Quote

Assess the windows and count the total number to be cleaned in the home. Round up your price to the nearest dollar or ten-dollar amount. Multiply the number of like-sized windows by the house's total to get the estimate.

Closing Thoughts

It helps to recount the number of windows and use an app to help collect and send estimates conveniently. Establish regular overtime and take measures to advertise your services competitively. In time, residential window cleaning companies produce generous income once established in their area.