What is a Drain Jetter?

Clogged commercial and municipal sewers and drain pipes can be a nuisance. But there is a great strategy that will help you deal with that issue. You will need to use a drain jetter. With a drain jetter, you can unclog those sewers and drain pipes effectively and efficiently.

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Even though traditional mechanical cleaning is effective when dealing with residential clogs, it is less effective against large physical blockages, sludge, and grease, which happen to be the primary causes of industrial and commercial drain backups. These blockages or clogs are capable of stagnating your business by causing system damage, safety hazards, loss of revenue, and decreased productivity.

High-pressure jetting is environmentally safe, economical, and effective. Here, clogs are attacked differently. A penetrating nozzle is fitted to a high-pressure hose guided into the pipeline. Water pressure is then slowly increased to blast through the clog to get the pipe draining once more.

A cleaning head with jets that aim in all directions with 360-degree coverage is introduced into the pipeline. Jetting will liquefy grease and annihilate roots and debris, thus leaving the pipe clean and clear. The jetting equipment operates at a varying pressure of about 4,000 psi. It has a wide variety of nozzles designed to deal with various blockages, such as solid obstructions like concrete and grout. It is, therefore, efficient on various pipe sizes.