A Guide to Shutter Installation

If you plan to install or replace exterior shutters, hiring an expert is unnecessary. With the right tools and DIY skills, you will be able to replace them within a short time. The tools and materials you will need include a ladder, shutters, blade, snips or hacksaw, standard level, pencil, measuring tape, drill, and bits.

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Once you have those tools and materials, you can start the installation process.

The first step is to ensure proper positioning. Ideally, the top of the shutter should be flush with the top edge of the window drip. The bottom of the shutter should hang just above the lowest and widest part of the window rail. If you are installing vinyl shutters, you must leave an ¼ inch gap between the window trimming and the shutter for future expansion and contraction.

The next step is drilling mounting holes. You must lay the shutter flat on a work surface suitable for drilling and proceed to mark the four mounting hole locations, with one in every corner. Use the bit to pre-drill the holes. If you are installing large ones, you may need extra mounting holes.

With the help of the mounting holes, you should drill pilot holes using the right-sized bit. You must bore into the wall surface to three and one-fourth of an inch. The next step is to gently tap the vinyl shutter locks into place and attach the shutter locks.