How to Know When You Need Shock Replacement

If you're driving a car with shocks, then it is important to know how to check the condition of your vehicle's shock absorbers. Shock absorbers are an essential part of any vehicle and can be damaged by regular use or abuse. If you notice these five warning signs, you may need shock replacement soon. • The shock absorber fluid level is low.

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This means there isn't enough fluid in the system to dampen the movement of the suspension components. You should have at least one quart of oil in each shock absorber. • There is excessive play in the suspension. When this happens, the shock absorbers will not function properly because they won't be able to absorb bumps and dips in the road. • Your ride is rough. If your ride feels bouncing up and down when you drive over uneven surfaces, it could mean that your shock absorber fluid has been leaking out for some time. • The shock absorbers are making unusual noises. The noise may be coming from the shock absorber itself. However, if you hear a loud clanking sound, it could indicate that something else is wrong with your vehicle. • The shock absorbers appear to be worn out. If you see cracks outside the shock absorber, it could mean that the shock absorber needs replacement.